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Why Traveling is Important

I think that traveling is the best experience that you can have and the best gift that you can give to yourself!


1. You gain perspective

You get to see different ways that people live their lives and expand your perspective and world-view 

2. Learn who you are

When you travel, you learn more about yourself! Whenever you are in a new situation you get to really connect with yourself and see how you react to different circumstances 

3. Decide how you want to live your life

You can escape the idea that there is one “right way” to live your life. What equals success in the western world is totally different from other parts of the world, and that is more than okay! 

4. You get new experiences

You get to break out of your normal routines and experience your life without the pressures of how your days look at home 

5. It’s a time to experiment

You can be who you want to be! It’s unlikely that you will know many people where you are going. Maybe you want to be someone who laughs more or doesn’t wear a bra? Traveling is the perfect place to try it out without the fear of your family, friends, or coworkers criticizing you! 

6. You learn mindfulness

You learn how to live in the moment! While you are traveling, you will likely pay a lot more attention to the sights, smells, and food around you. This will help you learn how to approach every experience with mindfulness, even when you return home 

7. You become a better environmentalist

Travel helps you learn how every person and every part of this world are interconnected, therefore, making you a better environmentalist! 

These are just some of the ways that travel has shaped me as a person.

There are so many more reasons that I think travel is important for your body, mind, and soul – the list could go on forever!

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